RAAM Co-Founder Michael Shermer’s Chance Encounter with Tejay Van Garderen Told on the Joe Rogan Experience

The people you meet...

Science writer, founder of the Skeptics Society, Editor in Chief of Skeptic Magazine, and in his spare time a co-founder of RAAM (Race Across America) one of the most difficult cycling races in the America, Michael Shermer, recently joined the Joe Rogan Experience.

In between diatribes of conspiracy theories and alien happenings Shermer spoke of a chance encounter in Santa Barabara county with EF Pro Cycling’s Tejay Van Garderen.

We recently interviewed Shermer about his pioneering days with RAAM as well as alien happenings.

Remember to keep your eyes on the road next time you ride outside. Ride safe ride often.

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Tour de Suisse 2016 – Tejay Van Garderen (BMC)

Photos: Bettini

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