RBA 2019 Buyer’s Guide

New gear for the new year


Welcome to Road Bike Action’s “2019 Buyer’s Guide.” Just as we have done in years past, once again we can easily, honestly and passionately assure you that if you are reading these words with the intent of buying a new bike, you are one step closer to enjoying a great new adventure in life. Cycling, and road cycling in particular, is its own type of outdoor experience unlike any other.

What road cycling can off er is the chance to feel the wind in your face as you pedal along with an up-close and personal view of the world around you. It’s an experience you won’t be able to duplicate. Few things are as exciting as being in the drops and descending down a scenic roadway with all the twists and turns you normally expect to find on a roller coaster.
Equally, few things are as invigorating as huffing and puffing your way up a climb as you try to stay wheel to wheel with your riding partners.
In 2019 the road market is more dynamic than it’s ever been. Like so many other sporting ventures that exist, road cycling, too, can no longer be defined within a narrow category. Without a doubt, the biggest change that’s come to the sport has been the introduction of dual-purpose/gravel riding. And as anathema as it might be to strict traditionalists, the ability to ride a drop-bar bike off  the paved road has injected the sport with fresh thinking that has advanced the universe of new designs and technology—both of which have actually impacted the road world. Inside this special issue you’ll find an assortment of new bikes and accessories to whet your consumer whistle. Additionally, we think you will enjoy an assortment of stories that have previously run in Road Bike Action that speak specifically to cyclists looking for some solid information that can act as building blocks for a fun, but just as important, safe experience.
However, with the promise of a great new adventure also comes a stark reminder: between the eff ort needed to gain fitness and stay safe in traffic, being a road cyclist is not about being easy. If you want easy, we’d recommend that you take up bowling.
Like we always say, ride safe and ride often.


To order yours, visit: www.hi-torque.com/product/2019-road-bike-buyers-guide/ 


The limited edition 2019 Road Bike Action Buyer’s Guide is available now in print on newsstands and at hi-torque.com. Inside find 106 pages full of the latest road, gravel and aero bikes plus the shoes, wheels and helmets we recommend.

Whether you’re looking for a new bike or a quick energy saving upgrade our editor’s tips will keep you on top of the latest tech on the market.

The info found inside will keep you riding longer, more efficiently and with a bit more style, if you’re into that sort of thing.

To order yours, visit: www.hi-torque.com/product/2019-road-bike-buyers-guide/ 

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