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The ever eventful Peter made the race in the closing kilometers of Milan Sanremo as he attacked the field chasing glory. He showed he was hands down the strongest in the final but wasn't able to take the win as he had to settle for second.
The ever eventful Peter made the race in the closing kilometers of Milan Sanremo as he attacked the field chasing glory. He showed he was hands down the strongest in the final but wasn’t able to take the win as he had to settle for second.



Milano Sanremo 2017


Milan Sanremo has come and gone as another classic gets ticked off. With the long distance and what is known as the “sprinters classic” the race normally doesn’t have much going on until the finish. This year was no exception as the break went and stayed out for most of the race. The fireworks began though as the field neared the top of the Poggio with Peter attacking and dropping nearly everyone. Normally someone such as Nibali would attack there and most of the time he would be caught in the closing meters. Peter though is a different story and once he goes it’s hard to get him back.

Julian Alaphilippe and Michal Kwiatkowski were able to latch onto Peter before the descent and once they hit the finishing stretch they allowed Peter to do most of the work. Peter possibly opened his sprint up a bit too early as he nearly held it to the line. Who knows maybe if he would’ve waited fifty meters he could’ve pulled it off but either way it was one of the most exciting finishes to watch at Sanremo, and no shocker that it was because of Peter Sagan.





EDGE product shot - transparent 10072016


There’s a new supplement that is out with it being in it’s own category. Topical EDGE is a sports performance lotion that is made up of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Normally athletes use sodium bicarbonate to help reduce lactic acid build up but until now the only way to use it has been orally which can result in stomach issues. Topical EDGE have a patented system where they can take supplements and allow them to be absorbed through the skin. We went down to SDSU to sit in on a study trial to learn the in’s and out’s of the product. Their first study did show a decrease in lactic acid build up and they will know more after this second study. In the cycling world everyone is always looking for the next new product which can help improve their fitness and Topical EDGE may be one which you want to try. They’re even giving out free samples to anyone looking to try their product out which is pretty cool of them to do.





There was a new event out in Orange County this past weekend which I went to check out. HUNKR is a new spin on events as it’s not a race but not exactly a fondo. The event offered a mass start in stages in where you decide which skill level best suits you, no USA cycling categories/license. What attracted many people was that there was an equal pay out totaling in over $10,000. The ride was 100 km long and had the feel of a group ride atmosphere. It was a bit strange to be sort of “racing” alongside masters, juniors and women. The event had a cool concept and they look to be putting more on in the future. With more events popping up and local road racing going a bit down hill this event seemed to be right in the middle. I’m curious if more unsanctioned events such as these will become more popular. We’ll just have to wait and see but I don’t see any new road races popping up on the calendar.





I was pretty excited when I opened the box at the office to see this very nice Silca seat roll premio. Seat roll’s seem to be the new hot thing right now and I’ve tried a couple lately but haven’t seen one as nice as the Silca. The fact that it has a Boa closure system is top notch. Just holding it in your hands with the waxed canvas material that is used makes it a really nice product. By far the best seat bag/roll which I’ve used so far.





The San Dimas stage race begins on Friday. This three day southern California race consists of an uphill TT, road race and crit. It usually attracts a top notch field as domestic racers will use it as a bit of a tune up before Redlands. The Redlands Classic has always been the following weekend but now with the schedule change San Dimas stands alone. Looking over the entry list it doesn’t look as though the change of schedule has hurt San Dimas too much as their is still a good amount of domestic/elite teams on the start list.





Also on tap for this weekend is The Dirty Devil. For the first time in six years I won’t be at San Dimas stage race but I will be at the Dirty Devil. This event is in East San Diego county and consists of 127 mile route with some good dirt roads added. As I’ve found my new love of gravel type style events I look forward to going out Saturday and working on building up some base miles as I start looking to prep for Dirty Kanza 200. Come out and join if your looking for a good excuse to be in the saddle for most of the day seeing some epic scenery.


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