Since they opened their doors back in 1963, the family-run Park Tool Co. has been in the business to support the ever-evolving needs of a bicycle mechanic. With a catalog filled with nearly 300 products available for the mechanic’s arsenal, Park’s mission is to create the right tool for the right job for any part on the bike. A bicycle mechanic’s tool kit would not be complete without a scale to weigh the bikes he wrenches on. The DS-1 is Park Tool’s digital bike scale to answer every cyclist’s biggest question: what does my bike weigh?

Park Tool’s ambition to create long-lasting and accurate products remains true in this digital scale. The DS-1’s durable plastic housing and tough steel hooks make it hard to damage in a harsh bike-workshop environment. The DS-1 is accurate up to 20+/- grams and measuring down to 20 grams or 1 ounce. The DS-1 will weigh up to 55 pounds/25 kilograms. The scale also has a tare function, which allows you to zero out the scale if you want to get comparison weights or to weigh components on a tray. A similar option from Park Tool is the DS-2, which is a tabletop gram scale. The DS-2 is more accurate, up to +/- 3 gram accuracy, but has a lower maximum capacity and is best to weigh small parts.


The dual-prong steel hooks coated in thick blue silicone make it easy to weigh frames without sliding or scratching. A typical $35 hang scale usually has a smaller hook that will not normally allow a bike to hang off the hook as well, and usually lacks the protective coating. An added feature to help you weigh your bike is a shaft to clamp the DS-1 into a bike stand for effortless access. On its face is a large, easy-to-read digital screen and three simple push-button options: kg/lb, on/off and tare (zero) buttons. To our surprise, the scale only measures in kilograms, pounds and ounces, as opposed to pounds with a decimal point. The DS-1 runs on three AAA batteries, and an automatic shut-off program increases battery life.

• Two-pronged, silicone-coated hook provides added stability
• Durable and accurate scale
• Doesn’t measure pounds in decimals

Price: $69.95
Weight: 416 grams
See this and more at parktool.com

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