RBA’s Friday Five Product Revue

“Friday Five Product Revue” is our weekly roundup of new bikes and products that have made their way through the doors of RBA headquarters. Many will be featured in upcoming issues of  Road Bike Action magazine, so be sure to subscribe.

Zero Aero Pedal System

Speedplay Zero Aero Pedal System
Right now the trend is aerodynamic everything, even down to the smallest thing such as pedals. Speedplay has been busy releasing new products the the past year and a half, and their final product is their new Zero Aero Pedal System. This is a two part system starting with their new Aero Walkable Cleat that has a rubberized bottom that also protects the screws from getting damaged. The last piece is the dimpled low-profile single-sided pedal that meshes to the cleat perfectly creating a un-interupted flow of air over the cleat and pedal body. The Wakable Aero Cleats are also available after market and are backwards compatible with the regular Zero pedals.

For more information go to speedplay.com


IMG_0679Cuckoo Covers
Tired of your bike getting nasty from dust and bug when transporting your bike? You need a Cuckoo Cover. Made from lycra and spandex, the Cuckoo Cover is designed and cut to anatomically fit/stretch onto your bike for maximum protection from the elements during transportation or storage. the Cuckoo Cover is available in a few different styles for mountain, road, BMX, or for fork mounted bike racks.

Checkout all of their covers at cuckoobicyclecovers.com


Vee Apache tire
Old pair of tread wearing out? Want to try something new? Check out Vee’s Apache tires. Their 185TPI casing provides a supple ride while still giving the tube a bit more protection from punctures. Their soft Continumm compound will give great confidence though the corners, while their cutout tread provides extra traction on wet days. The Apache is available in 23, 25 and 28mm sizes.

Go to veetireco.com for their full line of tires


Osmo Nutrition Hydration
We are in the heat of the summer and staying hydrated is much more important and a bit harder with these hot summer days. Osmo Nutrition has developed a hydration mix that helps your body intake fluids and water faster than if you were to just drink water itself. Osmo Hydration is available in two flavors, orange and blackberry, and available in single serving packets as well.

Visit osmonutrition.com for all of their products


Diamondback Podium Vitesse
Seen under the riders of the Optum Pro cycling team, the Diamondback Podium is their premier road racing bike that feature large truncated tubing for maximum stiffness and efficiency. Thin curved seat stays to provide extra comfort on the long days on the saddle. The Podium Vitesse is their mid-ranged build that features a full Shimano Ultegra drivetrain with HED Ardennes Plus wheels. The Podium also comes in a premium model, The Equipe, with a Dura-Ace drivetrain and HED Jet 4 wheels.

See all of their bikes at diamondback.com



Now here’s your chance to win a prize package from the RBA office’s schwag pile. This week winner will take home a Sidi backpack, shirt, hat, and decals. To win, all you have to do is send us an email at [email protected] with answers to the following question(s), or simply answer them below in the Facebook comments section, and you’ll be entered into our random drawing. (The winner must be a resident of the U.S.) Good luck!

What is your favorite cycling company? Why? (It doesn’t have to be a bicycle brand. Anything from shoes, socks, apparel, components, events, etc.)


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