RBA’s Friday Five Product Revue, Interbike Special!

This week, the RBA crew is at Interbike. “Friday Five Product Revue” will be a compilation of new bikes parts and innovations we had the chance to check out at Interbike. Many will be featured in upcoming issues of  Road Bike Action magazine, so be sure to subscribe.

Sage Barlow
Affordable, American, Custom-titanium frame company Sage cycles has rolled out a new addition to their line up, the Barlow. The Barlow is sage’s iteration of a Gravel bike that is disc brake ready and compatible with either thru-axle or quick release systems, as well as the choice of either a mechanical or electronic drivetrain. At an astonishing $5,265 complete bike and framesets at $3,325 sage has most beat out in the price sector.
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Stages Carbon Crank Arm Power Meter
A few years ago Stages Cycling came out with a revolutionary way to measure your power numbers for a fraction of what most power meters cost. There was a notable flaw, They could only outfit them on select aluminum crankarms. Stages has recently broken through the carbon barrier by being able to integrate their newer sleeker power reading design on carbon cranks. They have also have been able to increase their manufacturing efficiency, and now offer even less expensive price point for consumers down to a mere $530.
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Wahoo ELEMNT Smart Computer
GPS computers are almost becoming a dime a dozen. this new age of “Smart” cycling computers is next big thing for cycling electronics. Wahoo’s ELEMNT Smart computer will give you everthing that you will need for your pedaling trip, but it will also hook up to your phone and provide you will alerts and notifications if someone has text or is calling you. The ELEMNT is Bluetooth, Ant+ and Wi-Fi compatible, and also hoods up with Wahoo’s KICKR trainer.
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Litespeed T1SL
Probably one of the most well known US titanium frame companies, Litespeed, has revamped their line up of exquisite frames. Their new T1SL frame is a change up of their past T1 frame taking away some of the unnecessary material around the frame dropping the weight down to around 1000 grams. the boxy-shaped tapered top tube will also help increase ride qualities, such as stiffness and handling, without sacrificing an increase of weight. The new Litespeed T1SL frameset will be $4000.
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Redshift Shockstop Stem
Arms tired from excessive road vibrations? Check this stem out, The Shockstop Stem is a stem that has a pivot system and elastomers that help absorb road impacts to give your front end a suspension style feel without adding a three pound suspension fork. The Shockstop stem has different levels of elastomers to give a variety of shock absorption. The Shockstop Stem is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter.
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Now here’s your chance to win a prize package from the RBA office’s schwag pile. This week winner will take home a nutrition variety pack. To win, all you have to do is send us an email at letters@roadbikeaction.com with answers to the following question(s) and you’ll be entered into our random drawing. (The winner must be a resident of the U.S.) Good luck!

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