RBA’s Friday Five Product Revue

Friday Five Product Revue is our weekly roundup of new bikes and products that have made their way through the doors of RBA headquarters. Many will be featured in upcoming issues of Road Bike Action magazine, so be sure to subscribe.


Along with on the bike components, Bontrager also supplies Trek with rider equipment such as jerseys, gloves, bibs, helmets, and more. Bontrager’s RL Jersey provides riders with a comfortable, semi-form fitted jersey for the everyday jaunt. The RL Jersey has mesh side inserts, three large pockets, two reflector tabs on the rear, and a full length zipper.
Visit Bontrager.com to check out all of their products.


To compliment Vittoria’s massive line up of tires, Vittoria has released their first line of carbon fiber tubular wheels. Laced with a new material Graphene, the Qurano wheels have been reinforced the wheels without having to lay up extra carbon fiber. Because of Graphene’s amazing properties, the Qurano are able to dissipate heat quicker, remain stiffer, add durability, while still saving weight. In fact, because Graphene is such a strong material Vittoria can use less carbon fiber to lower the weight of their wheels. Vittoria has also developed their own hubs and spokes to perfectly mesh with the rims properties and innovations.
Explore all their products at vittoria.com

Michelin’s endurance tires has received quite a few updates in the last couple years. The Pro4 Endurance tires use a BiCompound to increase longevity of the center tread while a softer compound on the sides provides excellent traction for cornering. Bead to bead protection decreases puncture and sidewall cuts to the tires, a great medium for for a training/racing tire.
Go to bike.michelinman.com to view all of their tire products


Part of Lezyne’s organization line of products, the Micro Caddy is a great compact saddle bag that will carry many on-the-bike repair essentials. The Micro Caddy contains multiple compartments to organize tools tire levers patch kits and CO2 cartridges. The Micro Caddy is available in a small and medium size as well as all black and white with black color schemes.
Checkout all their ride essentials at lezyne.com


As most cycling supplement companies would have it, you eat your food and drink your electrolytes. Ryno Power would have it the other way around. With their Carbo-Fuel you take in the essential carbohydrates you need to keep you moving forward through your fluids. Carbo-Fuel is a flavorless pure glucose polymer blend that you can add to your favorite sports drink, juice or just enjoy it plain.
For more of their products visit rynopower.com

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