RBA’s Friday Five Revue

“Friday Five Product Revue” is our weekly roundup of new bikes and products that have made their way through the doors of RBA headquarters or have simply caught our eye. Many will be featured in upcoming issues of Road Bike Action magazine, so be sure to subscribe!



Honey Stinger has always been known for its delicious line on waffles for on on the bike consumption. Now, they have added a few new products to their mix. To extend their various edible product line they now have a mango orange gel, raspberry protein chews, and three new gluten free waffle flavors; Cinnamon, Salted Carmel, and Maple. For more details on all of their new products, head over to www.honeystinger.com!



Whether you wear gloves to keep you hands warm or simply for protection, Troy Lee Designs has a glove for you. Take the XC glove for example. This self dyed 2-way stretch lycra spandex body glove has a dual layered synthetic leather palm and a velcro wrist closure for all types of purposes. Stylistically, the two hands are asymmetrically designed with different colors and different patterns. View more detail on the XC glove and the rest of their line at www.troyleedesigns.com!



SockGuy always does a good job at getting a handful of sock designs out for each holiday. Even though Valentine’s day is next, we already got our hands on a pair of their 0% Irish socks. This limited edition sock is 6” tall made of 75% ultra wicking micro denier acrylic, 15% nylon, and 10% spandex for a comfortable, long lasting build. For just $11.95, you can get yourself a new pair of limited edition socks in any size. Check them out at www.sockguy.com!



Oval chainrings have rustled up some serious conversation in the recent years, with Tour de France winners riding them and science and research to back the gains. Absolute Black has been at the forefront of this “chain ring revolution” and continue to push the borders with their products. In an effort to help smooth power delivery to the pedals, the ovalized rings feature an extensive machining process to increase cadence and produce good shifting rings. Take a look at their various sizes and models for yourself at www.absoluteblack.cc!



Reynolds has always been known for their high-class, stiff carbon wheels and the 46 Aero is a staple in their line. In 2016 they have updated this rim with a new shape. The rim profile features 26.2mm outer width of the rim, 16mm internal and a 46mm depth that round into a sharp point at the tip. Stated at a weight at 1505 grams, the 46 Aero is compatible with any drivetrain across the board. The Aero 46 and the rest of their wheels can be found at www.reynoldscycling.com!



Now here’s your chance to win a prize package from the RBA office’s schwag pile. Each week, we will grab at random from our schwag pile, a few items to send to the winner. To win, all you have to do is send us an email at [email protected] with an answer to the following question and you’ll be entered into our random drawing. (The winner must be a resident of the U.S., as we are only authorized to ship goods to the U.S. ) Good luck!

– This weeks question has to do with training; Are you the type of rider that prefers to ride big long hours or one that spends a shorter time riding harder? Or both? Why?

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