RBA’s Friday Five Revue

Friday Five Product Revue” is our weekly roundup of new bikes and products that have made their way through the doors of RBA headquarters or have simply caught our eye. Many will be featured in upcoming issues of Road Bike Action magazine, so be sure to subscribe!



Prologo Nago EVO CPC

With a upward momentum in the cycling world, Prologo continues to bring new ideas and technologies to the cycling realm. Though the CPC technology that is featured on the Nago EVO is no new material to many other industries, it is for all things bike. CPC is an elastic polymer designed for increased grip for military use and Prologo has snatched up exclusive rights for any cycling applications. The Nago EVO has 11 slots of this CPC material along with a thin foam layer for added comfort atop their TiroX rails. Click your way to www.prologotouch.com for all you need to know on the Nago EVO!



Garmin ViRB Ultra 30

There’s a new top-end action camera from Garmin, and it has 4K video at 30 frames per second. What’s more, the Garmin ViRB Ultra 30 has a touch screen, voice control, a faster GPS chip and live broadcasting. At a claimed weight of 88 grams the camera stouts a touchscreen that works with the waterproof housing. The front of the camera has a grid like appearance that is called the audio waffle, which records the sound at a very crisp and clear sound. To learn more about the ViRB Ultra 30 and everything else Garmin, head over to www.garmin.com!



Tacx Spider Prof

The Tacx Spider Prof’s specified job is to help you get you bike work done. The three legged Spider Prof has retractable legs with wide rubber feet for a stable, non slip stance, all aluminum tubes which are anodized for durability, and a removable tool tray so you never lose those small pieces. The clamp is rubber coated to ensure the utmost protection of the frame. Retractable tubes allow you to work on your bike at any height and any angle that you’d like. www.tacx.com can show you the way to making your own purchase of the Spider Prof!



WTB Exposure

Whether you want a tough road tire or a slick that will resist all rocks on gravel roads, the Exposure tire from WTB will fulfill both needs. The all-new, multilayered construction of the tubeless Supple Casing delivers a soothingly smooth ride quality without deteriorating under varied conditions. Elite-level road meets renowned tubeless simplicity in sizes that accommodate exploration while digging deep on lonesome roads. Exposure tires are available in 30 and 34mm for the ultimate versatility in road tires, meaning big days and few boundaries. Check out WTB.com for their whole line of tires, saddles, wheels and more!



K- Edge Garmin Mount

Meet the latest rendition of the K-Edge Garmin mount. The new mount is hinge based to wrap around you bar and their advanced co-polymer Garmin insert locks your computer in place with strength and security. Designed and tested extensively so that our replaceable insert breaks away instead of your computer tabs in the event of a crash or mishap. Pick up your own Garmin mount and see what else K-edge has to offer at www.k-edge.com!




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– Can you see yourself buying a gravel bike in the future? If so, what brand would you go with?

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