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Product of the day is our daily roundup of a new bike or product that have made their way through the doors of RBA headquarters or have simply caught our eye. Many will be featured in upcoming issues of  Road Bike Action magazine, so be sure to subscribe!

Today’s Product of the Day is…

One of the newest models from Soma’s tire line, the tube-type Shikoro, was designed for training, touring and commuting thanks to its high level of puncture protection. Made in Japan by Panaracer, the Shikoro can be had in two versions—Kevlar or wire bead—and in an impressive five sizes, from 23mm all the way up to 42mm. It includes a thick casing and a densely woven polyamide breaker to help prevent cuts from sharp objects. And, the tread features a unique pattern of squares with miniature siping to help improve grip, and the rubber compound was selected for its longevity, designed to give you plenty of mileage before needing to be replaced. The sidewalls are decked out in a unique dark brown color for added style points.

Head over to www.somafab.com for more info!


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