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Product of the day is our daily roundup of a new bike or product that have made their way through the doors of RBA headquarters or have simply caught our eye. Many will be featured in upcoming issues of Road Bike Action magazine, so be sure to subscribe!


Today’s Product of the Day is…

WTB Byway - Marc Gasch 4

WTB Byway Road Plus Tire

WTB is now expanding its Road Plus line with the dirt-centric Byway Road Plus TCS tire to encourage riders to stray even farther into the dirt. While WTB’s introductory Horizon Road Plus tire allows riders to deviate from pavement as an exception, the prominent outer knobs and increased resilience of the Byway is intended for riders who prioritize dirt and gravel yet find themselves on paved roads to get there. Head over to WTB.com for more info!

Also, check out our First Look at the new Byway.



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