RED BULL “Last Stand” Returns to Alamo Plaza


Registration for race around San Antonio’s historic landmark to open June 1; new qualifier races introduced for year 2 


San Antonio, Texas (April 25, 2017) – Over 200 of the world’s best cyclists will return to San Antonio for a race around the iconic Alamo Plaza for the second year of Red Bull Last Stand on October 7. The criterium style race, with both fixed and geared divisions for men and women, brought out the best cyclists in the world last year for a day of blazing speed and tight turns around the historic fort.


A criterium, which is a form of road bike racing consisting of tight laps around a short-closed circuit course, is an extremely popular form of cycling around the world. Red Bull Last Stand combines criterium, also known as a crit, with the eliminator format. In this ruthless setup, the rider who crosses the finish line last on each lap gets eliminated until there’s just one rider left taking their final victory lap. This leaves no room for error for the competitors, and for thrilling action down the stretch.


The daylong event will be free once again for all spectators and will offer spectacular views of athletes riding at speeds of up to 40mph with the Alamo Plaza serving as the backdrop. Last year’s inaugural race was the first time that San Antonio played host to such an athletic competition, and saw some of the best riders in the world, including Addison Zawada, Daniel Holloway, Colleen Gulick and Texas’ own Colin Strickland compete. Colin made it a homecoming to remember as he topped the Men’s Fixed Gear podium, and this October he will return to defend the title.


Colin, along with all the other Top 3 finishers last year in all divisions have automatically qualified for the Finals this year, along with front row positioning at the start of the race. They can bypass the qualifying races on October 7th and punch their ticket straight to the front of the main event thanks to their awesome performances last year.


This year promises to be even more competitive than last, with new qualifying races throughout the year introduced that will allow top cyclists to also ride directly into the front of the Red Bull Last Stand Finals. These Battle Rides will take place regionally, nationally, and internationally, and allow winners the chance to bypass the Red Bull Last Stand qualifying races and begin the finals with front row positioning at the starting line. These two advantages that could make all the difference when that starting gun finally goes off on October 7th.


The breakdown of the Battle Races, with all roads leading to San Antonio, can be found here:


  • 3 National Geared Qualifiers (1 woman, 1 man will qualify each race): 

o    Athens Twilight, Athens, GA – April 29

*Rider that leads the most laps qualifies


o    Tulsa Tough Omnium, Tulsa, OK – June 9 -11

*Rider that wins the omnium qualifies


o    Benchmark Twilight, West Chester, PA – August 12

*Rider that leads the most laps qualifies


  • 3 Fixed International Qualifiers (1 woman, 1 man will qualify each race):

o    Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn – April 29

*Race winner qualifies


o    Red Hook Criterium London – July 22

*Race winner qualifies


o    Red Hook Criterium Barcelona  – September 2

*Race winner qualifies


  • 4 Regional Texas Qualifiers 

o    Geared and Fixed Qualifiers

o    King Racing Series Thursday Night Crits – Dallas – Season long /every Thursday April 13 to September 21 (1 woman, 1 man qualify in both geared and fixed divisions)

*Top points winners qualify


o    Holland Race Series – COTA and Driveway in Austin – season long/Dates TBD  (1 woman, 1 man qualify in both geared and fixed divisions)

*Top points winners qualify


o    Geared Qualifiers

o    Hotter ‘N Hell – Wichita Falls – August 26 (1 woman, 1 man qualify)

*Winner qualifies


o    Memorial Park Crits – Houston – Season long qualifier happening every Wednesday June 1 to August 31 (1 woman, 1 man qualify)

*Top points winners qualify


For the riders who will not be able to try their hand at one of the qualifying Battle Rides but would still like to compete in Last Stand, registration will open up on June 1. Stay tuned to for updates and more information.


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