The allure of the open gravel road might be paradise for adventurous riders, but it still comes with its own set of tiny speed bumps. With so many gravel riders getting off-road, it was only a matter of time before we found our small-rock rhythm.

The all-new XPLR collection is designed specifically to make dirt road journeys extra efficient and more enjoyable. Suspension adds more comfort to take the edge off. It adds confidence and more control when the terrain gets challenging. And it means riding faster while maximizing your grip on rough roads. Built from the ground up to gravel, the new Rudy features enough travel to keep your ride comfortably in control when curiosity takes you off the beaten path. Matched with the fresh Reverb AXS XPLR, we’ve created a gravel specific design complete with built-in compliance to really open it up on new terrain.

Rudy XPLR is purpose-built for gravel. More grip. More control. Way more fun. Whether the gravel gets choppy, or the tarmac breaks up before you, Rudy shines when the road gets rough or the singletrack beckons. Rudy saves your body from taking a beating, you’ll ride faster, for longer, and be less fatigued. It even steers better with more precise control ensuring the front wheel doesn’t deflect off sudden hits.

Charger Race Day damper

The Charger Race Day damper is built to meet the needs of the world’s fastest cross country racers. It’s the lightest damper we’ve ever made, packed with race-winning performance and efficiency. Tuned to provide even more efficiency for the gravel rider, rock-solid lock-out, and plenty of comfort and control on the paths less pedaled. Charger Race Day is the perfect fit for Rudy.

Smoother is faster

Designed specifically for gravel and e-gravel bikes, RockShox’s new Solo Air spring redefines the way a shorter travel fork can take the edge off the road ahead. This all-new design remains sensitive and smooth through small chatter and resists harsh bottom outs with bigger hits. Solo Air helps save your wrists, hands, forearms, and sanity. Ride faster without worrying about the bumps ahead.

Put a fender in front of you

To those who don’t need a fender, we salute you. For riders who grind muddy roads all year long or need the occasional coverage, Rudy allows you to customize your fender needs to the region or season. Rudy offers full fender compatibility featuring our new hidden custom stealth stay bosses for a secure and seamless look. If a short fender is more your style, the sturdy 3-bolt premium RockShox fender looks great and fits right in place. The RockShox premium short fender will come with your new Rudy and also sold separately as a RockShox accessory.

Not just for looks

Strong, light, and plenty of style. What more could you ask for? The Rudy Ultimate features a machined and anodized crown that keeps the grams low while quality remains high.

Clearance matters

On the long unknown road to nowhere, tire clearance matters. Rudy puts space between the rubber and the bike, accommodating up to 50mm wide tires and all the mud they shed.

Rudy Ultimate XPLR

The new Rudy is a perfect match for your gravel bike. It’s energy-efficient for straightaways and offers enough travel to keep you comfortably in control when things get rough. Featuring all-new 30mm upper tubes built around the Charger Race Day damper (our lightest damper ever) and our proven SoloAir spring. Rudy offers precise steering, full or short fender compatibility, and the looks to make your road bike proud. Everything designed with the needs of gravel riders in mind.

• Purpose-built and laser-focused on gravel and e-gravel bikes
• 30mm upper tubes are light and look the part
• 30mm or 40mm travel options
• Charger Race Day damper tuned for gravel needs with rock-solid lockout and a full range of rebound adjust
• Solo Air spring perfectly tuned for shorter travel and efficiency over bumps
• Short fender compatibility with a 3-bolt system
• Full fender compatibility with custom stealth stay bosses
• Lightweight machined and anodized crown offers a premium and durable finish
• Maxima Plush damping fluid reduces friction and silences damper noise
• Up to 700×50 tire clearance
• Available in new Kwiqsand Signature colorway or Gloss Black
• E-bike approved

Price: $799


Dropper Revolution

Like its forebear, the new Reverb AXS XPLR dropper post represents a paradigm shift for riding off the pavement. Most importantly, you no longer need to hold on for dear life. By getting the saddle out of the way, you can descend with pure confidence and control, keeping the bike nimble under you.

Built specifically for gravel

We could have made the current Reverb AXS a little smaller, but that wasn’t what gravel riders needed. The new Reverb AXS XPLR offers great performance and features all-new air only internals with built-in ride compliance called ActiveRide. Rock-solid when fully extended for max efficiency, new ActiveRide is there to take the edge off vibrations when you’re hammering it home. Tunable to a rider’s liking, ActiveRide engages the moment you dip into the seatpost’s travel. It’s there to soak up the small chatter from the road, meaning more grip and comfort while seated for the long haul. It’s a seatpost finally able to save your…

SRAM AXS compatible

Because working together takes us further. The new Reverb AXS XPLR dropper post is enabled by SRAM AXS technology, part of the ultimate personalized cockpit with next-level interaction, personalization, and connectivity across all AXS enabled components. Tap into the power of AXS.


The new Reverb AXS XPLR dropper post delivers more control, confidence, and fun on gravel roads everywhere. Getting the saddle out of the way means more room to move, saving you from awkward maneuvering and sketchy descents. We created an all-new design complete with lightweight air-only internals featuring built-in compliance we call ActiveRide. It’s like travel for your saddle. Enabled by SRAM AXS technology, Reverb AXS XPLR is part of the ultimate personalized cockpit.


• New 27.2mm Reverb AXS XPLR delivers more control, confidence, and fun for gravel
• ActiveRide – Air only internals provide a fully rigid top-out position. With the touch of your AXS controller, you’ve got built-in compliance to ensure comfort and control over the roughest sections of gravel
• Two travel options to choose – 50mm or 75mm
• Saddle clamp options compatible with 7mm round rails, 7x9mm oval rails, and 7x10mm oval rails
• Seat post length includes 400mm and 350mm (50mm drop only)
• AXS Technology allows rider customization via the AXS Mobile App
• AXS handlebar controls (drop or flat bar)
• Shared battery with all other SRAM AXS enabled components
• System is completely waterproof and dustproof to IP69K – take it anywhere
• SRAM AXS battery and charger included]

Price:  $600.00



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