Rocky Mountain Solo CXR Team

Rocky Mountain Bicycles are known for their race ready, handle-all condition bikes. They have been building bicycles for over 25 years in Vancouver, Canada and testing them in what many riders would call the most challenging conditions available. One of their latest creations; the Solo CXR Team cross bike, made it to our office just in time for the start of the Southern Californian cross season. Yeah, that’s right, we do have cross racing in Southern California, even if we do race on Canadian bikes?.


Right out of the box, we noticed the Solo CXR Team came equipped with Shimano 105 components, FSA’s Gossamer 46/36 crankset and Easton’s EC70X carbon fork, products that are all proven in cross racing. As soon as the Solo CXR Team was set-up we took it out to our local cross races to see how it held up in a race setting.

The fork was sturdy, offering very little flex and the carbon fiber helped to absorb the numerous vibrations.

Our first impression was the CXR’s well-balanced feel as we entered and exited the corners at speed. This is primarily due to the relaxed 72.5-degree head and 73-degree seat angles combined 103.4-centimeter wheelbase. For traction, the Vittoria Cross XG Pro tires hooked up well under the loose conditions and floated over sand sections making climbing and sprinting in and out of the saddle a breeze. Business up front was taken care of with Easton’s EC70X carbon fork. The fork was sturdy, offering very little flex and the carbon fiber helped to absorb the numerous vibrations. Another subtle, but noteworthy feature is Easton’s Ultralite Taperwall Aluminum frame, which is designed with a flattened top-tube on the underbelly of the tubing. This added feature makes it easier and more comfortable to run with your bike on your shoulder when it’s time to dismount.

Whether it be at a cross event burning your lungs for 45-minutes of pain, or mixing it up with locals on your favorite trail, or even conquering your rugged commute to and from work, we recommend the Rocky Mountain CXR Team bike to get the job done.

Bonus Points: The maple-leaf paint job, Easton Ultralite aluminum frame and EC70X fork, Vittoria Cross XG Pro tires.

Price: $1699.99 (Solo CXR) Team Version is $1999.99
Weight: 20-pounds