Rokform For Smartphones and Bikes

Your phone is a tool and Rokform wants to keep it safe and functional on and off the bike

When it comes to riding your phone is essential. Many never remove it from their jersey pocket but even more are now using it to track their ride and even transmit their location to loved ones. There is no shortage of “universal” mounts to bind your phone to the bars but not many are at the level as Rokform.

Rokform Starts with a high-quality phone case that is specific to each model of phone. They have one to fit nearly all current models on the market. Most cases have two options for mounting to all sorts of accessories and surfaces. The first is a magnet that is specifically optimized so it doesn’t affect the phones function or services. Next is their patented Twist Lock design that locks the phone and case to a wide selection of Twist Lock accessories.

One of our favorites and probably the best option we have seen for a road cyclist is the Pro-Lite mount. This is a machined aluminum mount that fits like a 1 1/8 steer tube spacer above the stem. It is a fixed angle and will fit most setups. The Twist Lock holds the phone secure and a magnet is also built in to further assist and add extra security.

Installation of the Pro-Lite takes less than a minute and the only tool needed is an allen to remove the top cap. As you can see in the photo above even our large Plus sized Iphone fits. Quality is always a top priority for Rokform and all items are made in the USA.

Here is a quick video from Rokform explaining who they are. Now head over to to purchase your very own case and mount, you won’t be disappointed.

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