Sea Otter Classic: $20,000 Sage Titanium Build

Here's a titanium custom build for all the weight weenies

If you’re looking to spend some money and want to have one of the lightest bikes out at your local riding group, you may want to check out this titanium custom build from Sage which goes for a whopping $20,000. Sage went all in with this custom build as it hits the scales at only 13.2 lbs.

The US built titanium frame is their Skyline model with a custom paint job which adds to the sheer beauty of the bike as a whole. THM parts help dramatically in keeping the weight low as you will see their product on the stem, fork, crank set and brake calibers.

Wireless Sram E-Tap adds to the clean look of the Sage as you don’t have any excess wires dangling anround. The Lightweight wheels are where a good chunk of the money is at as the Meilenstein set are in the $8,000 range.

Sage says they can even get this bike to weigh a bit less with a few tricks they have up their sleeve.


The Lightweight wheels are some of the most beautifully constructs sets of wheels out on the market.
Not to blast their logos with bright, loud decals Lightweight goes for a more subtle look.
Brewed in Oregon this is a US built machine which we love.
A few grams could be lost if Sage decided to slam this THM stem.
Wireless Sram E-Tap was a good choice for this lightweight build.
THM crank arms paired with Praxis chain rings.
THM also is used for the front fork.
The THM brake calibers look amazing and stand out from the common Shimano, Sram caliber’s which we are so used to seeing.
The Skyline is a popular model in the Sage lineup.
$20,000 will get you this light weight custom titanium build.

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