Sea Otter Classic: Enve Composites

From their innovative technology to collaboration projects

Here at the Sea Otter Classic Enve has always been one of our favorite stops to make as they seem to come through with a product worth talking about, or even some very cool collaborations they do with other brands in the industry.

With the popularity of disc brakes emerging in the sport there is one aspect to the technology that isn’t the greatest, the longer length of time it takes to remove the wheel. Enve has fixed that though with their new system that includes a simple thru-axle lever with the benefits of something similar you would see on a normal skewer system.

Their Road Disc Fork with Speed Release uses their fork and new technology to remove the wheel similar to the older ways in the fact that it’s very simple and quick. Watch the video below for a more up close visual on how the system works.

While at the Enve booth we also noticed a couple collaboration projects they had done with other companies. A very clean wooden Silca tool box for your tools with a one-off paint job done with Open Cycle.

Enve chose a burnt orange color scheme with their Open Cycle collaboration.
Purple gravel bikes are a rare sight so this custom Open Cycle stands out even more now.
This bike isn’t just for show here at Sea Otter as it’s been put to the test and ridden quite a bit.
The small touches such as the mark of these two brands coming together are what we love to see.
The WTB gum sidewall tires were a great choice as far as overall looks go.
Plenty of tire for whichever terrain you choose to take this Open on.
Silca are one of our favorite companies with the products they put out, this tool kit was no exception.
The Enve fork has one side with a traditional drop out and the other threaded for a thru-axle.
This two block spacer system is what makes the wheel change so quick and easy.
Simply pop you wheel in and then turn the lever four rotations to lock your wheel in place.
Once installed the wheel looks like a normal thru-axle system.
You do have to use this system though with the Enve specific fork.

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