Sea Otter Classic: Monster Energy

The global energy drink is set to enter the endurance market

When you hear the word Monster Energy you immediately think of the green energy claw that is in basically every action sports and has recently jumped into Nascar and even golf with Tiger Woods. Energy drinks haven’t been very common though in the cycling industry, although 5 -Hour Energy did sponsor an American professional team a few years back.

Monster is looking to change that though with the Muscle Monster protein drink and new Hydro electrolyte drink. With these new products Monster has been busy with getting themselves emerged in the sport by partnering with athletes and sponsoring events whether they be road, gravel or XC.

Their Muscle Monster protein beverage is going through a re-launch here at Sea Otter Classic with more protein and less sugar in their new drink. Both add up to a post ride recovery beverage that has fewer calories then their previous formula. Muscle Monster comes in two different flavors.

The new Monster Hydro is a drink made up of electrolytes and sodium potassium that is best for pre and post ride as well. Looking to make a larger splash in the endurance category Monster is now equipped with two separate drinks. Hydro comes in six different flavors.

Muscle Monster Protein is best used for post ride.
Their new Monster Hydro beverage is an endurance base drink for pre and post ride.

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