Sea Otter Classic: Niner MCR Prototype Bike

New prototype full suspension gravel bike spotted at Sea Otter

We’re always curious on our trip up to the Sea Otter Classic into what we may see once we hit the expo with new technology and product on display. When we hear the word prototype that perks our ears a bit more as it can be something a tad more radical.

It didn’t take long for our eyes to catch the Niner MCR, Magic Carpet Ride. With the growth in gravel it seems the entire industry is jumping on board while trying to one up each other. Though this is simply a prototype it does show that the thought is there and that we may be seeing full suspension gravel bikes in the near future.

We’ve been testing many front suspension style gravel bikes lately but not much in the rear, yet.

The MCR boasts a dual suspension build (Rock Shox RS-1/X-Fusion shock) that will help aid you with any rough riding you may encounter. With this suspension located in the front and rear it will allow you to run a bit more tire pressure providing less rolling resistance and the possibility of pinch flats.

The CVA (Constant Varying Arc) with modified leverage ratios allows for less travel and pure gravel riding. The front fork has a lockout for once you hit the road surface and this prototype version had a 50mm tire and can be 650b compatible.

Though this Niner is simply a prototype they are looking to bring them into production as early as 2019.

A 50mm front tire was on this prototype with plenty of room to go bigger.
Full suspension with a dropper seat post and you have most boxes checked.
A rear fender mount tucks nicely down to the bottom bracket.
A dropper bar full suspension prototype with road geometry.
The inverted Rockshox fork runs with reduced travel and gives the bike a very clean and versatile look. Niner would not disclose the amount of suspension travel.

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