Sea Otter Classic: Oakley Flight Jacket

Oakley's new sunglass here on display at Sea Otter

Oakley just recently launched their new Flight Jacket sunglass that we’ve been looking into more here at the Sea Otter Classic. What’s noticeably different is that the top of the lens doesn’t have a frame which their previous Jawbreaker glass had.

This allows the top to be opened up which gives a better airflow passage and less chance for your lens to fog up. The Flight Jacket has an adjustable stem length which can be removed for a more proper fit. This can also help with a better fit depending on the type of helmet that you are wearing, and your head size as well.

The nose piece can also be adjusted to help push the lens forward to have it not sit so close to your face, also allowing for more airflow. The lens is their Prizm technology which comes in tungsten, black, torches, sapphire and jade.

The Flight Jackets are now available and range from a price of $223 – $273.

The new Flight Jacket is noticeably different from their previous Jawbreaker.
Oakley has a large number of color options and lenses to choose from and pair.
The nose piece pops forward to help push the lens away from your face to allow better airflow.
Oakley’s contrast Prizm lens technology also comes in a polarized option.

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