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Update: Here’s everything we know about Shimano’s NEW 12-speed wireless Dura-Ace drivetrain

Today while we were scouring the internet in search of any news of the ever elusive and hard to get 2022 road and gravel bike tech, we stumbled upon the Shimano Road homepage and were intrigued with the countdown timer. It ends at 9am PDT August 31 a date with little importance in the usual content launch calendar as it’s a month after the Tour de France and even a month before the World Championships. It appears to tease an upcoming info series called “Science of Speed”. We’re unaware of what Shimano plans to discuss in the new video series which led us to a quick internet search of Shimano Science in Speed. The search mainly revealed links back to the Shimano homepage and this teaser video posted to the RideShimano Instagram page. We spied what looks like a 12-speed cluster in the video, take a look for yourself.



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Is this finally Shimano stepping-up with a 12-speed drivetrain? Wireless maybe? Smaller chainrings too? Or is it just a digital rendering of a long sought after product. We’ll see what all the fuss is about tomorrow. For most fans of the Japanese component brand, a simple resupply on the current parts would be enough to hold them over, but it has been years since Shimano updated their drivetrain tech and for a brand that prides itself for its “intelligent” innovations it’s time to step up with the latest upgrades the brand has to offer.


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