Shimano Unveils Ultegra 8100


Employing the latest technologies from elite DURA-ACE R9100 road components and through its proven System Engineering approach, Shimano’s ULTEGRA R8000 series delivers refined rider ergonomics, increased shifting performance and confident control in all riding conditions. Featuring expanded Rider Tuned gearing configurations, more shifting and braking choices and the power of Shimano’s E-Tube Project customization, ULTEGRA R8000 is designed to meet the specific needs of the broad spectrum of performance road cyclists.

From road racing to mixed-terrain adventures, ULTEGRA R8000 is more versatile than ever before. Available with either Di2 electronic or mechanical shifting, each system is also available in either rim brake or hydraulic disc brake options. Expanded Rider Tuned gearing options—including Shimano’s widest-range new 11-34T performance road cassette—enhance drivetrain versatility. ULTEGRA R8000 also utilizes Shimano’s low-profile SHADOW Rear Derailleur design for optimal shift performance and a sleek appearance. For Di2 shift systems, Shimano’s SYNCHRO and SEMI-SYNCHRO Shift programming continues to open up new possibilities.

FC-8000 Crankset delivers increased efficiency and frame compatibility The FC-R8000 HOLLOWTECH II Crankset receives numerous technologies from Dura-Ace R9100 along with shaping which further enhances ULTEGRA’S 4-arm design. Shimano’s Rider Tuned chainring combinations offer multiple gearing configurations via a singular BCD platform for excellent versatility. With redesigned chainring tooth profiling first introduced for DURA-ACE R9100, the ULTEGRA FC-R8000 Crankset is optimized for the latest disc brake frame designs without the need to increase q-factor.

– Optimized lightweight crank arm design produces excellent power transfer efficiency
– Redesigned chainring tooth profiling increases clearance between chain and leading teeth to provide compatibility with frames featuring 135 mm O.L.D. and 410mm chainstay length
– Crank arm lengths: 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm
– Rider Tuned gear combinations: 46-36T, 50-34T, 52-36T, 53-39T
– Weight: 674g (170mm, 50-34T)
CS-R8000 and CS-HG800-11 Cassettes further expand gearing choices
The R8000 cassette features an increased range of high-performance gearing combinations, providing further rider choice. As with DURA-ACE R9100, the new 11-30T ULTEGRA Cassette increases gear range while remaining compatible with the new short cage rear derailleur options.
With the addition of the new 11-34T CS-HG800-11 cassette, ULTEGRA further expands gearing options for riders of any terrain. Designed to fit both MTB- and road-specific (with spacer) wheelsets, mixed terrain riders are provided with more wheelset options than ever before.
-CS-R8000 Gear combinations/Weight: 11-25T (232g), 11-28T (251g), 11-30T (269g), 11-32 (292g), 12-25T (243g), 14-28T (300g)
-CS-HG800-11 Gear combinations/Weight: 11-34T (335g)
Rim brakes feature sleek design, improved performance and increased tire clearance
Shimano’s legacy of industry-leading rim brake performance continues with ULTEGRA R8000. Redesigned Dual-Pivot and Direct Mount models feature new technologies and sleek designs, resulting in improved stopping power and efficiency with clearance for 28C tires.
BR-R8000, Dual-Pivot Brake Caliper (182g front, 178g rear)
BR-R8010-F, Direct Mount Type Brake Caliper for Front (174g)
BR-R8010-RS, Direct Mount Type Brake Caliper for Rear (172g)
BR-R8010-R, Direct Mount Type Brake Caliper (Under Bottom Bracket option) (160g)
-Precise contact feeling with balanced rigidity, weight and stopping power
-New design features additional stabilizer between brake arms to reduce deformation and improve efficiency
-Sleek design with a narrower gap between arms
-Wider clearance with larger tire sizes (up to 28C)
Dedicated ULTEGRA-quality disc brake performance
Utilizing a lightweight and sleek flat mount design, the BR-R8070 Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper features premium stopping power and aerodynamics for road applications. The new RT800 rotor offers new ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA construction with even greater heat management for confident performance on the longest descents.
BR-R8070, Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper
-Increased rider control in all conditions
-Sleek Flat Mount design integrates seamlessly into a road bike’s aero profile
-Weight: 140g (Front), 140g (Rear) SM-RT800, CENTER LOCK Disc Rotor
-New ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA construction provides better heat management than previous designs
-Sizes/Weights: 140mm (106g), 160mm (127g)
I. Mechanical Shifting Systems:
Refined Dual Control Levers and derailleurs deliver lighter action and improved precision
ULTEGRA ST-R8000 Dual Control Levers have further refined shift performance with improved ergonomics with both mechanical rim brake and hydraulic disc brake options. The new FD-R8000 mechanical front derailleur utilizes the new link construction first introduced with Dura-Ace R9100 for easy setup and fine-tuning adjustments without the need for specialty tools. The RD-R8000 rear derailleur utilizes Shimano’s SHADOW RD design, which allows for more stable shifting performance and a lower profile to minimize exposure to damage.
ST-R8000, Dual Control Lever (2×11-speed)
ST-R8020, Hydraulic Disc Brake Dual Control Lever (2×11-speed)
– Redesigned internal shifting unit for quick and intuitive shifting
– Increased reach adjustment range
– Even lighter front shifting when paired with redesigned FD-R8000
– Slimmed-down hydraulic internals (ST-R8020) for similar ergonomics between disc and rim brake configurations
– Weight: 438g (ST-R8000, Pair), 550g (ST-R8020, Pair)
FD-R8000, Front Derailleur (2×11-speed)
– New construction matches the force curve of the hand more naturally to reduce effort at the end of shifting
– New design allows for more flexible cable routing design
– Integrated cable tension setting for precise setup and tool-free adjustment
– Redesigned for disc-specific frames, accommodating a wider gear pitch without sacrificing shifting performance
– Weight: 92g (Direct Type), 106g (Clamp)
RD-R8000 SHIMANO SHADOW RD (11-speed)
– Shimano SHADOW RD low-profile design increases shift stability and reduces crash vulnerability while providing a sleek integrated appearance
– Two cage length options provide wide range of gearing compatibility
RD-SS covers: 11-25T to 11-30T
RD-GS covers: 11-28T to 11-34T
– Weight: 200g (RD-R8000-SS), 210g (RD-R8000-GS)
II. Di2 Shifting Systems: Unparalleled Di2 shifting performance for all braking solutions
From aspiring road racers to those who prefer epic rides off the beaten path, ULTEGRA Di2 precise shifting performance is highly versatile with multiple braking and gearing configurations. With refined designs inside and out, both the hydraulic disc brake and rim brake Dual Control Lever options deliver the same improved ergonomics and increased reach adjustment range. ULTEGRA ST-R8050 and ST-R8070 Dual Control Levers also provide more tactile feedback from shift operation for a more intuitive feel, even when riding with winter gloves. Paired with Shimano’s E-Tube Project and compatible with SYNCHRO SHIFT technology, R8000 is the most customizable ULTEGRA group ever created.
ST-R8050, Di2 Dual Control Lever (2×11-speed)
ST-R8070, Di2 Hydraulic Disc Brake Dual Control Lever (2×11-speed)
– More defined tactile feedback and clearer separation between shift buttons support a more intuitive shift operation, even with thick riding gloves
– Each switch has the option for multi-shift ON or OFF
– Programmable function of ST top button remote switch for either third-party cycle computer or shifting operation
– Slimmed-down hydraulic internals (ST-R8020) deliver near-identical ergonomics across disc and rim brake dual control lever options
– Increased reach adjustment range and free stroke adjustment
– Weight: 295g (ST-R8050) Pair, 360g (ST-R8070) Pair
ST-R8060, Di2 TT/Triathlon Dual Control Lever (2×11-speed)
– Reduced drag through a more aerodynamic design
– Slimmer profile for improved rider ergonomics
– Single switch design specifically engineered for use with SYNCHRO Shift
– Weight: 138g (pair)
New low-profile SHADOW derailleur designs boosts shifting performance
The new ULTEGRA RD-R8050 Di2 Rear Derailleur was totally redesigned featuring Shimano’s SHADOW RD architecture. The low profile design delivers a sleek appearance while improving shift performance and minimizing potential damage to the derailleur in the event of a crash. The FD-R8050 Front Derailleur delivers powerful and precise shift performance even under high pedaling torque. Combined with Shimano’s SYNCHRO SHIFT programming and E-TUBE PROJECT customization, ULTEGRA Di2 offers a highly intuitive shifting experience.
FD-R8050, Di2 Front Derailleur (2×11-speed)
– Quick and smooth front shifting under high pedaling torque
– Programmed control of chain guide
– E-TUBE customization with SYNCHRO and SEMI-SYNCHRO Shift compatibility
– Redesigned for disc-specific frames, accommodating a wider gear pitch without sacrificing shifting performance
– Weight: 132g
RD-R8050 Di2 SHIMANO SHADOW RD (11-speed)
– Shimano SHADOW RD low-profile design increases shift stability and reduces crash vulnerability while providing a sleek integrated appearance
– Shimano SYNCHRO Shift capability
– Two cage length options provide wide range of gearing compatibility
RD-R8050-SS covers: 11-25T to 11-30T
RD-R8050-GS covers: 11-28T to 11-34T
– Weight: 242g (RD-R8050-SS), 249g (RD-R8050-GS)
ULTEGRA-Level wheels for rim and disc-brake systems
Two new lightweight wheelset—the tubeless carbon-laminate WH-RS700 rim brake wheels (which replace the Ultegra WH-6800) and the tubeless WH-RS770 disc brake wheels with road e-thru axles.
New hubs (HB/FH-RS700/770) encourage faster acceleration with a weight saving of almost 60g compared to a pair of Ultegra 6800 hubs, whilst the rims use a new rigid but lighter carbon lay-up procedure to create a rim brake wheelset that comes in 80g lighter than its predecessor.
– Weight: WH-RS700 (1,568g/Pair), WH-RS770 (1,639g/Pair)
PD-R8000 Delivers lighter weight, pro-level performance
The new PD-R8000 Pedal receives numerous refinements resulting in a lighter overall weight and a lower stack height. Those refinements along with a carbon-composite body and extra-wide platform, deliver efficient power transfer.
– Adjustable entry and release tension settings – 4mm longer axle option for additional personalization
– 0.7mm lower stack height than PD-6800
– Weight: 248g
Shimano ULTEGRA R8000 series components will be available starting in June 2017.

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