Shimano’s Limited Release Aurora S-Phyre Shoes and Glasses

Available exclusively from S-Phyre dealers

Press release:

Shimano launches into the new year with the cosmic range of limited-edition S-PHYRE Aurora shoes and glasses. Named for the majestic Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, the shimmering blue, purple, and turquoise design delivers the next level of style with Shimano’s most technically advanced products.

Just a few hundred pairs of the new Aurora S-PHYRE RC9 shoes will be exclusively available at Shimano premium S-PHYRE dealers across North America.

The Aurora S-PHYRE shoes feature the same unparalleled technology and performance as Shimano’s flagship S- PHYRE RC9 shoes. The limited-edition range offers a unique shimmering blue, purple, and turquoise microfiber synthetic leather one- piece outer, which appears to change colors as light reflects from the shoe.

The new Aurora S-PHYRE R sunglasses raise the bar in performance and style with ultra-lightweight fames and a wide one-piece optimally Polarized (PL) Polycarbonate lens. The glasses take on the same shimmery color scheme as the Aurora S-PHYRE RC9 shoes to complete the limited-edition Aurora look.

Pricing for the Aurora S-PHYRE RC9 shoes will be $400.00 and the Aurora S-PHYRE R glasses will be $149.99.

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