Lunch Ride Review: Sidi Alba

Tall pedigree without the high price

For over four decades, Italian footwear maker Sidi has cobbled together a legacy as the cycling world’s most venerable shoe maker. From developing their own technologies to enjoying a string of unparalleled race wins, Sidi is to cycling what Nike is to basketball.

Beyond the renowned quality and design, Sidi has also become well known for the tall asking price of their high-end shoes like the Tour de France winning Shot model which sells for over $500. Just as many an Italian purist took a blow with the reality that Pinarello frames are all made in China, these shoes may speak Italian, but they’re made in Romania to help make the $200 price possible.   

Since the majority of cyclists don’t plan on laying down that kind of money for new shoes, we decided to see what the Sidi brand had on offer at a more entry-level price. Enter the new Alba that retails for $199.

At first glance the Alba looks every bit the performance oriented shoe as any SIdi costing 2-3 times more. Available in four colors, the Alba is cinched down with a single Tecno 3 dial closure along with two Velcro straps.

Beyond the sturdy construction, other standout details include for this price point include the built-up heel cup and replaceable heel pad. While there’s not a lot of ventilation, we were pleasantly surprised to find a comfortably wide insole which is usually uncommon to find with many Italian brands.

Great legacy at a great price
* Sturdy heel cup and replaceable heel pad
* 24 sizes…yes, 24

Price: $179
Weight: 670 grams (pair)


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