Speedvagen’s Urban Racer

Press Release:
First introduced in 2015 Speedvagen’s Urban Racer forever changed the idea of what a commuter bike or grocery getter could (and maybe should) be. Lightweight and bomber with a race pedigree, it’s equipped with a coaster brake, internal 2-speed hub and 42mm tires sitting on 650b wheels. It’s a package that’s purpose-built to maximize fun; for those who stand up on the pedals, sprint and hit every jump, lip and roller they can find, skidding the whole way.
To wit: owning a Speedvagen Urban Racer is not a responsible decision, and that’s sort of the point. But as of today, with the Urban Racer now a part of Speedvagen’s Ready Made program, owning one just got a little easier.
By offering standard tube sizes and stock-sized frames built with the exact same materials and to the same exacting standards, Speedvagen’s Ready Made program is able to create efficiencies that drop the price about $2,000 for a complete build. And as the name in implies they’re ready now. The result: an Urban Racer that’s (at least a little) more responsible.
The specifics
  • Complete builds starting at $3,495 (about $2,000 less than custom)
  • Made in the US
  • Lightest and strongest steel alloys from Columbus and True Temper
  • Built with 650b Wheels and 42mm tires
  • Coaster Brake
  • 2-speed internal SRAM AUTOMATIX Hub (switches gears automatically based on speed)
  • Available in three standard sizes (small, medium and large) with custom upgrades including custom handlebars, fenders, integrated lights and racks



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