Spinergy GXX Gravel Wheel First Look

Spinergy’s GXX is a gravel-optimized, carbon wheelset from legendary hoop brand Spinergy. The GXXs focus on wide rubber with a 24mm internal rim width that Spinergy claims is suited for up to a 700x57mm tire which is about the same size as a 29×2.2 inch tire.

Spinergy’s rims are built in their North American factory, given the unrestricted access Spinergy can ensure consistent production many other international wheel brands cannot. The rims are built around a foam mold which enhances the strength-to-weight ratio of Spinergy’s carbon layup. Thanks to the wide rim bed, most gravel tires mount seamlessly. Rim tape is included with the wheels for a tubeless-ready setup.

“The PBO spokes are said to be three times stronger than their stainless steel counterparts, at half the weight.”

Given their experience in the wheel market,  Spinergy  sifted thru their extensive inventory of road and mountain parts and opted to use durable Enduro sealed cartridge bearings in their alloy CNC machined hubs. This adds to the utility of the GXXs. Center Lock mounts keep the rotors in place.

Recently, we tested the Spinergy Stealth FCC 4.7 wheelset. They used the same PBO spokes found on the GXXs just laced in a different pattern. Instead of the 17/20 spoke load out on the Stealths, the GXXs use 24 PBO spokes front and rear. Each Spinergy PBO spoke is made up of 30,000 strands of polyphenylene benzobisoxazole fiber, which are encased in a weather-resistant, UV-proof composite. The PBO spokes are said to be three times stronger than their stainless steel counterparts, at half the weight. Due to their construction they provide better damping against road vibrations.

Spinergy’s GXX is a value option worth considering for those looking to upgrade their gravel bike’s stock alloy wheels and those looking to move to a wider rim profile. Spinergy adds the $999 GXXs to their gravel catalog which includes the $600 alloy GX and the $999 carbon GXC.


Weight: 1525 grams (claimed)

Price: $999


Compatible with Shimano/SRAM 9/10/11 speed, SRAM XD, SRAM XDR AXS, and Campagnolo driver systems.
Offered with 12mm, 15mm and Q/R end caps.
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