Sprinting Tips with Cory Williams

By: @JonHornbeck


Cory Williams is a 23 year old native from Los Angeles who is entering his third year as a professional and his first year with the Elevate – KHS Pro Cycling Team. Cory is a natural sprinter as he is a former Junior National Criterium Champion and also a Junior Track National Champion. He has won stages at the San Dimas Stage Race, Tour of Murrieta, and the Dana Point Grand Prix. We caught up with him during his time at his teams recent training camp to get some first hand sprinting techniques. You can follow Cory at @NationsNumber1Beast


#1 – Positioning

When your getting close to having to open up your sprint for the finish you want to be well positioned with being three to four riders back from the front of the race. If your too far back you won’t have the time to close the gap to the front of the race. If your too far front you can run into the danger of opening up your sprint too early and having everyone come around you before the finish line.




#2 – Know Your Distance

You need to know how far (distance) that you can actually sprint. In a perfect scenario when you know your distance, once your at the end of the race you will know when to go.




#3 – Know Your Competition

You want to know who to follow because potentially they can put you in a winning position. If you pick a bad wheel to follow and they don’t have the fitness to be there at the end you may have to go around them and close the gap to the front, while wasting energy.




#4 – Conserve Energy

Through out the race you want to conserve your energy. Having the most power at the end of the race is going to result in you having your best kick for the finish. This means staying out of the wind as much as possible, knowing which moves/racers to follow, and who you can let go. This can go back to tip #3 which is knowing your competition. You want to know who you need to watch and who you need to follow even during the race.




#5 – Sprinting Training Tip

Training with speed signs. This is a good way that you can practice to learn your distance out on the road for sprinting. While out for a training ride you can pick and choose signs to go for, I typically like to do five to ten per ride and this will let you gage your distance for the finish line.



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