Tour de France Stage 2 Preview

SUNDAY, JULY 3RD – STAGE 2 – 183km


Mountain passes & hills Saint-Lô / Cherbourg-en-Cotentin 183KM

  • Km 10.0 – Côte de Torigny-les-Villes1.4 kilometre-long climb at 5.7% – category 4
  • Km 23.0 – Côte de Montabot (D28-D98)1.9 kilometre-long climb at 5% – category 4
  • Km 52.0 – Côte de Montpinchon1.2 kilometre-long climb at 5.9% – category 4
  • Km 181.5 – Côte de La Glacerie1.9 kilometre-long climb at 6.5% – category 3


Intermediate sprint Saint-Lô / Cherbourg-en-Cotentin 183KM

  • Km 107.5 – PORT-BAIL



Last km Saint-Lô / Cherbourg-en-Cotentin 183KM



The Start:


Until now, Saint-Lô was still on the list of metropolitan prefecture cities having never welcomed a stage of the Tour de France, alongside Moulins (Allier). Since 1971, the inhabitants of Saint-Lô are used to encouraging the best national amateur riders at the end of July during the ‘Circuit des Remparts’ race, or on various occasions of the Tour de Normandie with a prologue in the city. This time, the rendez-vous will have a far bigger dimension.

Stage town for the 1st time
Prefecture of La Manche (50)
20,430 inhabitants (Saint-Lois), 70,000 inhabitants within the 60 communes comprising the Saint-Lô municipality
3,335,000 inhabitants in Normandy

Economy: Food industry (Elvir), activities related to breeding of cattle and horses, FIM Group (training institute for the department’s chambers of commerce and industry), Actalia (food processing centre of expertise). A ground-breaking project: Technopôle Agglo 21 (a park dedicated to hosting innovative companies in the food processing, nutrition, health and digital sectors)

Culture: Notre-Dame Church (13th century), ramparts (ninth century), Château des Matignon (16th century), Château de Montfort (15th century), Cerisy-la-Forêt Abbey (11th century), Saint-Lô National Equestrian Stud, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Norman Countryside. Festivals: Les Rendez-vous Soniques (music), Les Hétéroclites (arts), Au Son d’Euh Lô (music and arts), Festival des Bords de Vire (arts, sculpture), Festival L’Oreille des Marais (music)

Sport: FC Saint-Lô (football, CFA 2 division), Vélo club Saint-Lô Pont- Hébert, Étoile Sportive Torignaise (cycling). Events: Circuit des Matignon, Circuit des Remparts

Specialities: Antan hams, Chevaliers d’Argouges (chocolate), Asinerie Lisane (products manufactured using donkey’s milk), Lehodey Vanibois (basketry)

Sustainable development: 12km of cycle paths, electric bike hire

Slogan: Capital of equestrian sport



The Finish:


The harbour city of the Manche area was a major strategic place throughout the centuries pampered by William the Conqueror during the Middle Age, eventually claimed by the English in the 15th century, used as a key point by the American troops for the Normandy Landing during the Second World War. In terms of cycling, it was one of the most visited towns from 1911 to 1929, with stages captured by several winners of the Tour: Gustave Garrigou, Henri Pélissier, Ottavio Bottecchia, Philippe Thys, André Leducq.

Stage town for the 18th time
Sub-prefecture of La Manche (50)
83,000 inhabitants (Cherbourgeois)
518,000 inhabitants of La Manche

Economy: Five ports, shipbuilding, nautical industry, nuclear and renewable marine energy. Institutions for training and research (UFR), engineering school

Culture: Château des Ravalet (16th century), Basilica of Sainte-Trinité, Italian theatre, and transatlantic dock that is home to the Cité de la Mer are all classified as historical monuments, Museum of the Liberation, Emmanuel Liais Museum, Thomas Henry Museum (fine arts). Festivals: Youth Books’ Festival, Cinémovida (Hispanic culture), Art’zimutés (music)

Sport: JS Cherbourg Handball, US Cherbourg and US La Glacerie (table tennis), ASC Basketball (Nationale 2). Events: Trophée de l’Île Pelée (university sailing), La Manche-Cherbourg (international men’s tennis tournament), Open 50 Féminin (international women’s tennis tournament)

Specialities: Demoiselles de Cherbourg (small lobsters cooked in broth), salmon, seafood. Le Véritable Cherbourg umbrellas

Sustainable development: 30km of cycle paths, 30kph zone in city centre for bikes, bike hire, five bus routes

Distinctions: Child-friendly town, Ecojardin ecological award, Jardins remarquables (remarkable garden award), Pavillon Bleu (blue flag beach), CAP Cit’ergie (sustainable energy), floral town




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