Although the term “no limit” for a road bike is new to us, we certainly believe in the concept  which is why we remain fans of the “all-road” bike concept.  One other concept we also remain big fans of is titanium frames, especially when they come across as beautifully made as this Canadian entry from T-Lab.


Press Release

T-Lab Bikes announced today that it is launching its next generation road bike, the R3 Omni. “This bike was developed with any-road performance in mind,” said Rob Rossi, Co-Founder of T-Lab. “With the new R3 Omni, we’ve dialed-up what no limits means for today’s road cyclist.” The R3 Omni was redesigned from top-to-bottom, starting with a more shapely top tube that combines with a new T-Bone seat stay design to boost overall torsional stiffness. The result: even better responsiveness and out-of-saddle climbing.

The “T-bone” seat stay up close.

Other improvements include a more streamlined head tube / down tube junction, along with a stiffer, yet sleeker, carbon fork. The R3 Omni also delivers 35c tire clearance in a relatively compact, nimble frame configuration. “Whether on the tarmac, cobblestone or dirt, this bike was made to be fast while providing the long-distance comfort and ride quality titanium is renowned for.”

Like every T-Lab, the R3 Omni frame features a unique, radically shaped titanium profile, which is cold-worked to deliver up to 30% more lateral rigidity than conventional round tube Ti bikes. It is completely manufactured in-house, based on rider specifications, within a 6-to-8-week lead time. From there, T-Lab delivers frameset and complete bike orders to passionate cyclists around the world. “A good titanium road bike is made to last a long time,” says Rossi. “As such, we built-in as much capability into the R3 Omni as possible, making it the one and only road bike you’ll ever need.”

The maple leaf says it all.

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