Tech Tips: Improve GoPro Footage

A few ideas and items to improve your POV

Everyone loves to share their ride footage with their friends but when its shacky no one enjoys it. Here are a few tips to improve the shot and hopefully keep the audience’s attention.

The Tips

  1. While slow motion is fun remember that shooting at higher frame rates takes away from the feel. Shooting at 24 or 30 frames per second will make moving things blur and give the feeling of more speed. Everyone wants their friends to think they are fast.
  2. Give perspective so if you are riding in a group try and stay off the front for long periods of time. Keep other riders in the shot and using mounts that extend out past the cables means fewer distractions. If you use an out-front mount like a K-Edge consider the XL version with the action camera addon because it will put the camera further out front and be hidden under your computer. K-edge also offers their Go Big camera mount that will work great too.  Many other companies have similar products like Bar Fly.
  3. If you are riding alone go with a helmet mount or chest mount.  On the helmet put the camera further back to help balance the weight. If your helmet has a large enough spot use the adhesive mounts but for a vented helmet try the Vented Helmet Strap.  There is always the GoPro Chest Mount Harness but for an even more secure and comfortable chest option try the Stuntman Chest Harness.  These angles allow the viewer to see the bars or bike and will make the video feel much better.
  4. The ultimate option is a gimbal as it will keep the view angle on a chest mount no matter if you are standing or sitting. It also holds the horizon even when leaning through a turn. This is also the best option if you are using a camera without internal stabilization. If you choose this option we highly recommend the Stuntman Chest Harness and the WG2 waterproof wearable gimbal. Bellow is a video of us riding using this setup.

Watch the Results

Try these out and let us know what you think. If you have more tips let us know.

Here is a video of us diverting from Mulholland and taking a single track that runs alongside the road. We are riding the Specialized Diverge with the 20mm Future Shock. We have our GoPro Hero6 Black in 4k 24fps and stabilization on. The camera is on the WG2 gimbal that is attached to the Stuntman chest harness.

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