TESTED: Reynolds ATR Tubeless Wheels

Among the vast number of bicycle wheel companies, Utah-based Reynolds Cycling is one of the most diverse. Everything from high-end mountain bike hoops to low-cost, workhorse aluminum road clinchers, and from the uber-lightweight carbon RZR line of road wheels to the aerodynamically advanced (and appropriately named) Aero family can be found in Reynolds’ catalog. Reynolds has also offered a few disc brake-compatible road wheels for some time, and the brand’s latest offering seems to be an amalgam of its various rolling categories.

Designed to “keep going even when the smooth pavement doesn’t,” the ATR (All Terrain Road) carbon wheels were created to give riders two key ride-quality attributes: traction and comfort. The ATR is built using Reynolds’ MR5 (Mountain Rim 5) technology, which involves the utilization of different types of carbon and layup schedules in five distinct rim regions in order to optimize vertical compliance for comfort, lateral stiffness for pedaling efficiency, and to enhance durability in areas around the spoke holes and bead hooks. The overall profile of the ATR rims is fairly standard with a triangular shape— although we wouldn’t necessarily liken it to a classic V-shape profile since they have a more blunted leading edge—and they measure 28mm deep. But, it’s the two width measurements that truly set the ATR apart from other models.

The ATR rims are a whopping 29mm wide (a larger number than the depth, interestingly enough) with a 21mm internal width—these numbers are greater than several of Reynolds’ 29-inch mountain bike rims! This 21mm width pushes out the tire beads, creating a shape that is more stable and results in the ability to run lower tire pressures with less sidewall deformation, as well as a much greater contact patch for additional traction. The ATRs are also tubeless-ready, and they’re mated to a set of Reynolds’ own Racing hubs with straight-pull spokes. Since they’re disc brake-specific, the ATR’s hubs have Centerlock rotor mounts. And, they come with replaceable hub end caps, making them adaptable to either quick-release skewers or thru-axles.

Road comfort
The 29mm width of the ATRs, which could be likened to an ultra-wide base of a triangle shape, had us originally thinking that they wouldn’t offer much vertical compliance. But that wasn’t the case at all. Coupled with their 28mm depth, the ATRs offer plenty of vertical compliance on both road and off-road avenues.
When the road kicks up, the ATRs are more than up to the challenge. At just under 1500 grams for the pair (plus quick releases), the carbon ATRs are light and have more than enough lateral stiffness so as not to impede one’s pedaling efficiency. They’re also equally adept at both quick uphill accelerations as well as maintaining a steady rhythm.
Windy conditions
Thanks to their shallow depth and wide profile, the ATRs are virtually unaffected by crosswinds—even our smallest test riders noted having zero handling issues in windy conditions. With the shallow depth, however, comes a distinct lack of an aerodynamic advantage compared to deeper rims, such as those found in Reynolds’ Aero line. However, if you’re shopping for the ATRs, then you’re more concerned about ride quality and less about straight-line speed.

We ran the ATRs with several different tires—from a 33mm cyclocross tread down to a 28mm road tire. Coupled with the 29mm width, the 28mm rubber definitely pushed the limits of cornering traction, so we wouldn’t recommend using anything narrower. On the road, the ATRs worked well and were stiff enough to keep us tracking through corners smoothly and in a stable fashion. Off-road, the ATRs were utterly fantastic, with the ultra-wide profile making for greatly reduced sidewall deformation of the wide clincher tires.
Admittedly, we’ve encountered some minor durability issues with Reynolds’ carbon clinchers in the past. But, nothing about the ATRs indicated to us that they would offer anything but a long life of trusted service. Reynolds also offers their Reynolds Assurance Program, which offers a no-questions-asked repair/replacement plan in the event of damage.

• A true, do-it-all wheelset
• Limited to wider tires
• Good on-road, stellar off-road

Price: $1550
Weight: 1494 grams, plus 76-gram quick releases
Rim depth: 28mm
Rim width: 29mm (external); 21mm (internal)
Spoke count: F-24/R-24 Spoke type: Stainless steel
Spoke pattern: 2x (front); 2x (rear)
Notes: Includes tubeless tape, valve stems.

Check out more wheels at reynoldscycling.com