Peloton's biggest splash yet is due this summer

Between the meteoric rise  in the popularity of Zwift and correspondingly, the Covid-induced momentum of indoor training, much has been said in the last year about the fitness brand Peloton. The company made headlines for everything from the good news of large infusions of subscribers and hedge fund investment, to the bad news of their fumbling , about-face response to a safety recall of their treadmill.

Well, as of today, Peloton is back in the good news with word that they are planning to build a 200 acre production facility later this summer in Ohio, The factory is slated to cost $400 million, and best of all, employ up to 2000 workers.

This is great news not only as an indication of Peloton’s success in galvanizing so many people to get in shape, but especially for the American work force.  It also raises the question, if made in America can work for Peloton, why not other American bike brands?

Here’s the whole story: Peloton Plans American Factory




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