The Latest New Products and World Champions

by Jon Hornbeck


It just seems as though the Tour was just happening and now we’re back into another three week’s of racing with virtually most of the top GC contenders that raced through out France. Froome looks to be hungry to take this win and may for the first time have the form to do it. He made it clear during stage 3 that he came to race showing his level over the other contenders. PC Bettini


Silca is a company that we are quite fond of especially after their recent seat roll with the boa system. They have a new handy tool out as well which makes your mini pump that much more easier thanks to their new bluetooth technology. We’re looking forward to getting our hands on one once it shows up in the office!

The Tattico, SILCA’S best mini-pump for Every-Ride-Carry just got even better with the addition of Bluetooth technology.  ATTIC Bluetooth solves the problem of getting a reliable pressure reading out of a mini pump on the road by using a Bluetooth pressure sensor that relays accurate tire pressure through an app on your phone. Now you can finish your ride without second guessing how much pressure your tire has. This mini-pump is a game-changer for endurance, gravel and other riding that often takes place far from support. Rated to 120psi, TATTICO Bluetooth can even take the place of a floor pump while bike-packing, traveling, and other remote rides.


Alison Tetrick who is one of America’s top female professional road racers has been making a big splash in the Gravel scene as of late. She first showed up at the Dirty Kanza where she put on a brilliant performance to take the victory in a two up sprint after 206 miles of racing. Just this past weekend she kept the momentum rolling by going to Gravel Worlds and taking the victory there as well. We caught up with Alison once she got recovered to get her take on her recent Gravel exploits…

Alison: “While some people are preparing for the real World Championships, I thought it would be a blast to test out the official, yet unofficial Gravel Worlds in Lincoln, Nebraska.  The course turned out to be just as challenging as ever with unrelenting gravel terrain through the corn fields.  These gravel races are pushing me to new limits I didn’t know were possible, and I am loving the inclusive and fun nature of the events.  Coming off of my Dirty Kanza victory, to win Gravel Worlds was super special and worth of that rainbow pirate jersey.  It was bourbon and booty, oh wait, for all.  It was another close race, and I think I must love the challenge and adventure of it all.  The gravel world is exploding, so regardless if you are a pirate or cowgirl, there is a place for you.”


KOO is a new brand of high performance eyewear developed by Italian helmet maker KASK. The Open Cube sunglasses are designed to keep sun, salt, bugs and mud out of riders’ eyes as well as giving a comfortable, stylish finish for riders of all abilities. They will be available in December in 12 colorways for $239.

The Open Cubes are constructed of polycarbonate with each component 100% made in Italy. They weigh just 30g and use easily interchangeable lenses manufactured by the renowned German lens maker Zeiss. Lenses are available in three new colors.


In addition to their vast line of cycling eyewear, Oakley is now jumping into the helmet category with three new road helmets. The Aro family of three helmets starts with the $180 Aro 3 followed by the $250 Aro 5 (above) and the $500 Aro 7 for TT and tri-riders.

The Aro 5 features a Boa closure system with MIPS protection and is available in seven different colors.



So much good stuff, both old & new, is found within the walls of The Pro’s Closet.

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