If there is one SoCal ride that we never miss, it’s the Mike Nosco Memorial Ride.  Is it hard? Yes. Are there easier routes to take than the full route? Yes. Are the roads among the most beautiful and challenging in all of Southern California? Yes. Will you regret taking a day off of work to come and be part of a loving community that’s dedicated to improving the lives of friends and family who could use our help? Absolutely not.

Epic climbs, scenic views of the Pacific, festive sag stops,  good food afterward and solid dose of two-wheeled community – those are the ingredients of the Mike Nosco Ride. November 3 is the day.

Thanks to the tireless, and we really mean tireless efforts of local cycling fan Jack Nosco, the MNMR has been going on for over a decade and raising money for people with medical needs that are beyond their grasp.  This is a ride that is guaranteed to remind you of the importance we can all play in bettering each other’s lives. See you there.


Over the year hundreds and hundreds of riders have shown up for SoCal’s most important ride of the year. Thanks to all. Photo: Velo Images


The first descent is a doozy, but oh what a thrill!  Photo: VeloImages


This is Victor Sheldon and Tate. Tate was one of the Nosco recipients who was struggling with cancer, but he and his wife made the ride in heroic fashion. Rest in Peace Tate.


In addition to all the personal lives that Jack Nosco has come to the aid for, his dedication to helping people and making the world a better place for cyclists was highlighted when a memorial bike path was created in the name of his late brother.


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