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Q: I have been doing my own service and repairs for years, but recently my shifting seems unfixable. I live pretty far out of town, but made the long trip to the closest bike shop. They said my drivetrain was just tired and would recommend me replacing most of it. When I asked how much it would be, they said they couldn’t fix it any time soon due to the parts shortage. What’s a guy to do?

A: This is a real problem at the moment as manufacturers have almost ceased production on replacement parts
in an attempt to keep up with demand on new product, and even that is way off schedule. Some have even hinted that they aren’t planning to produce replacement parts for discontinued or older systems.

If it were me, I would comb all of the local shops (even if far away) for parts they might have just hanging on the wall. You won’t likely get everything from the same place, but take anything you can get that could work. I recently found a brake caliper that I needed on Facebook Marketplace all the way across the country. A few bucks in shipping was worth it. Ebay is also a gold mine if you know what you are looking for and all the different terms the individual component might be called.

You likely need new chainrings, a cassette and chain. Don’t be too specific on the tooth count of the rings and cassette. In time things will become more readily available. If you need all that replaced, also consider the pulley wheels of the derailleur. They don’t need to match your specific model, but make sure they are for the same number of speeds and brand. Good luck, and the alternative is to start looking for a replacement bike while you rehab the old one.

This reminds me of the auto industry and restoring my old truck. Sure I love it but are there enough other people that also love that era to create an aftermarket industry, normally, no. Searching junkyards and eBay has become a way of life, but it also means that much more when it is all fixed up and running. Sometimes the greatest reward is the one that only you recognize. For me, the hunt has become the real fun; riding and driving are the bonus.

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