The Shop Bike: Two Hub’s Cipollini RB1K

TwoHubs is a high-end, California bike shop located behind the “Orange Curtain” just down the street from Oakley’s headquarters. They recently sent this release on a customer bike they built and we figured it was worth sharing.

Press Release:
Custom Designed Cipollini RB1K Super Bike TwoHubs a cycling boutique focusing on high-end niche – mostly handmade Italian frames – the first to introduce the Cipollini RB1K, ‘Super Dream Bike” to the United States market. The super-fast, “Super Orange”, customdesigned
monocoque hand-laid blend of 60 ton carbon fiber. The Cipollini RB1K utilizes the latest in frame building technology. It’s a one-of-a-kind dream bike.

TwoHubs owner Mani Motamed says, ‘The Cipollini was designed and custom painted orange at the request of his client. TwoHubs offers custom painting so his clients can create the bike they want. ‘This is an incredible, powerful machine ? it’s responsive, fast, and arguably has the best power transfer from the pedals to the rear wheel,” said Mani.

Specs and Components
? Frame: Cipollini RB1K
? Size: Large
? Bottom Bracket (BB) 30
? Weight: Frame 1000 grams; Complete bike:
14.5 pounds
? Material: Monocoque hand-laid carbon fiber
? Brakes: EE Brake by EE Cycle Works are the lightest and best stopping brakes available and
are a perfect choice for the carbon wheels.

? Bars: Pro Stealth Evo Bars custom painted 2014
? Shimano Electric. 2014 Shimano Dura Ace Di2 9070, 11-speed
? Rotor Power Cranks: 175. Compatible with the 2013 Cipollini’s BB 30 bottom bracket (and not the 2014’s BB 386 bottom bracket).
? Wheels. Corima Aero+MMC Carbon, 2014
? Tires: Velo-Flex Extreme

About TwoHubs
: Mani Matamed and Chary Chaisawasdi opened TwoHubs in 2010. The two passionate cyclists met 14 years ago while working at a Claremont, CA high-end cycling shop. They each have more than 25 years in the cycling and racing industry. Frames carried by TwoHubs: Wilier, Cipollini, Colnago, Sarto, Divo, Passoni, Jones, and Argon 18.

Phone (877) 480-2453
Address: 27231 Burbank Suite 201 Foothill Ranch, CA

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