Throwback Thursday: The Cannondale Slate Arrives

It was new, unique, and just a tad weird

February 13

Inside the April 2016 issue we featured a short ditty on a big bike launch from Cannondale that we attended. The aluminum framed Slate gravel bike featured a 1x drivetrain and one-sided Lefty fork. The ride started on the paved Pacific Coast Highway on beach above Malibu and then headed into the hills for some  fire road action. There were a handful of crashes and laughs before the day finally  ended with some cold beers and clam chowder at Neptune’s Nest.  The bike hung around in the Cannondale catalog for a few years and despite it maintaining popularity in some areas, it was never fully embraced and was eventually discontinued.


Michael White and Zap keep busy pointing out Cdale PM Murray’s big guns while Tim Johnson (l) looks for Neil Shirley who wanted nothing to do with the clowning up front.


Cannondale made a bold move with the Slate that ended up being mutually loved and hated. It was an odd bird to be sure, but also a brave move.





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