Spring break is here, and that means summer is just around the corner. With a valuable lesson learned this past weekend by our own Jon Hornbeck, it’s never too early to wear sunscreen. While Jon is usually on top of this, we aren’t exactly sure what he was thinking when he went out for a ride without his jersey and obviously without applying sunscreen, OUCH!!

BullFrog sent over their spray on options to keep us protected no matter what we decide to do. They have simplified the selection process with three main categories, Land Sport, Water Sport and Mosquito Coast. The Land Sport is a formula that is engineered for ultimate breathability and sweat resistance. The Water Sport formula is engineered for water resistance and has an advertised 80-minute duration between applications when used in the water. Last they offer their Mosquito Coast which is DEET-free and offers a sunscreen plus insect repellent all in one.

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