Topical Edge is now Amp Human Performance

Same great PR Lotion formula with a new name and look

You may have heard of Topical Edge as they have been the talk of the cycling world this year. If you haven’t given their PR Lotion a try then you should because it is one of our favorite products of 2018. It is hard to believe that a lotion can offer better performance and recovery but it is true. This is not some sort of illegal drug but instead relies on chemistry and the knowledge Ampersand Biopharma (the parent company) offers.

The PR Lotion relies on a proprietary transdermal delivery system that delivers bicarbonate directly into the muscle and blood through the skin. Getting the sodium bicarbonate straight to the where it is needed most while simultaneously bypassing the stomach where gastrointestinal side effects occur from traditional methods. This process also works much faster meaning that the benefits are nearly instant.

With a culture and history in biopharmaceuticals, they rely on testing to validate their products and the data from the PR Lotion has been groundbreaking. Increase lactate during intense efforts by 11%, reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness by 53% and proven to deliver a lower heart rate at the same workload by 3.1%.


When you push your body to the limit muscles create acid (commonly called lactate acid) as a by-product. As a result, the acid buildup produces a burning sensation that often brings your workout to a halt when you attempt to hold your max effort for too long. Beyond the burn, acid buildup lowers your muscle pH and disrupts muscle firing and contraction, which can leave you suffering. Bicarbonate alkalizes the blood and muscle, neutralizing acid buildup and making it easier to maintain performance.

By neutralizing the acid you also maximize muscle efficiency lowering heart rate. This lower heart rate means less physical stress on the body, which allows an athlete to extend the duration of their effort. In the end, this means a significantly shortened, less painful recovery. Athletes feel significantly better after high-intensity workouts and get back to training sooner with more efficiency.


There are two primary times to use the PR Lotion, 15 to 30 minutes before a workout and immediately after. On shorter workouts, we usually only use it before the ride. On longer or intense rides we do both. As per Jeff Byers Former NFL lineman now CEO, you can’t have too much and because it is a natural chemical your body will naturally eliminate any extra.

The lotion is fairly thick and has a bit of an oily residue. This residue is a byproduct of the delivery system and can be wiped off 15- 30 minutes after applying. That is how long it takes to penetrate and absorb into the skin and muscle. We normally apply directly to the quadriceps and sometimes calf muscle. You want to apply it to any muscle that you notice sourness in while working out.

After applying we will wipe off the oily residue normally but when we are in a hurry we just leave it, there is no downside. You do need to wait at least 15 minutes but 30 minutes is recommended before wiping it off if you are going to do so. No matter which you choose you need to thoroughly clean and remove it from your hands. The oily residue can make bar tape and the rubber hoods very slippery so spend the extra time cleaning your hands well.

For more info or to try it for yourself head to and use code RBA10 at checkout for a discount.

UPDATE (8-20-19): AMP Human Performance is launching a new formula, click here to read more.


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