Topical EDGE Partners With CTS

Topical EDGE and CTS have announced a multi-year agreement beginning immediately that will give CTS coaches, athletes, and camp participants an opportunity to train harder and recover faster with the first and only athletic performance lotion to buffer lactic acid. Partnering with CTS allows Topical EDGE to reach a greater number of athletes that can benefit from the sodium bicarbonate lotion that, through clinical trials, has proven to buffer lactic acid, which can lead to improved athletic performance.

“As a pioneer and leader in endurance coaching, partnering with CTS allows us to take the next step to introduce and expand EDGE into the CTS network giving their athletes the ability to train harder and recover faster”, said Jeff Byers of Topical EDGE. “EDGE is creating a new category as a sports performance lotion; and since at our core, we are a data-driven and science-based biotech company, we are excited to partner with a company that also deeply values science and data driven approaches to sport.”


With the vast athlete network and number of events CTS promotes, including training camps, bucket list events, and even the first-year Figueroa Gran Fondo coming this coming November, EDGE sees the opportunity to help deliver a performance advantage to the athletes, regardless of whether it’s an elite ultrarunner or someone looking for a PR on a century ride. The ability to train harder and recover faster is the holy grail of athletic improvement, and combining the proper training from CTS with the performance benefits of EDGE can help achieve just that.

“Topical Edge is a new product with a lot of potential and we are eager to get it into the hands and onto the skin of more athletes,” said CTS Founder and CEO, Chris Carmichael. “This is about supporting innovation and pushing for what’s next. The methods and data supporting EDGE look promising, and it’s legal and safe to use for sport. We are honored to help EDGE complete the next steps of achieving broader use of the performance lotion and gathering real athlete data and feedback.”

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Topical EDGE is offering a limited number of free samples available here.

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