TrainerRoad Launches New App in Beta: Try It Out Today!

(Press Release)

TrainerRoad Releases Redesigned Desktop App — Beta Now Open
TrainerRoad is cycling’s most effective training tool. We’ve had tens of thousands of users improve their FTP and get breakthrough performances in the real world. If you want to get as fast as you can, you’re in the right place.

TrainerRoad has totally redesigned their desktop app and made significant improvements along the way. This new pc app is a public beta that you can get access to by clicking here.

Training Plans
You can browse our entire library of Base, Build and Specialty plans from within the app. You can also view all the details of each plan, including the weekly plan descriptions.

Robust Device Pairing
Just like our iOS app, we’re now scanning for all available devices and letting you choose the ones you want. This makes the whole device pairing process as easy as possible. The new TrainerRoad app also supports the new Kinetic inRide 2. Kinetic has improved their inRide with the release of the inRide 2. If you have the original inRide you can email Kinetic to get the inRide 2 for free.

Updated Minimal View
The zoomed-in graph now shows your progress through your current interval. This is a total motivational booster and it will help you get through some of those harder intervals.

Upcoming Features
In the next few weeks we’ll be adding the ability to pick a training plan and execute against that plan, workout queues, synced favorites with the website, video workout support, social sharing, PowerMatch and CompuTrainer/PowerBeam Pro support.


Download the beta here:



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