Upgrade Your Repair Stand For Carbon Frames

Hirobel Carbon Frame Clamp

The evolution of bike frames and shapes has defiantly changed drastically, and with so many variations they don’t always fit into your work stand. Lots of times this incompatibility or less than ideal fit can be damaging to carbon frames and paints, but Hirobel might have a solution. They have designed a simple add-on solution to nearly all clamp style stands that is adjustable, but most importantly it doesn’t damage your beautiful bike.

Your original stand clamps to the bar nearest the left wheel.

The premise is simple instead of clamping tightly into one small area of the frame or post of a bike why not use the junction points of the top tube to the seat and head tube. These two points of contact need much less pressure and rely more on the fact that it is contacting two separate tubes on soft rubber wheels. The right rubber wheel slides on the connecting bar allowing it to fit on nearly any size or style bicycle. These rubber wheels also have cutouts to accommodate cables and other externally routed hoses.

The quick release adjustment is simple, open, slide and close.

Once the rubber wheels have been properly fitted to the frame, you secure it with the two rubber straps, one on each rubber wheel. You’re now ready to go without the fear of damaging you beloved frame or paint. This was designed to protect carbon frames but can be used on any frame material from alloy to steel to titanium too.

We first clamped the jaws of our stand onto the designated area of the bar nearest the left rubber wheel. The bar is octagonal shaped and allows you to clamp onto it much tighter than you would your frame or seat post. Also, the flat sides fit well on clamps that also have flat sides and minimize rotational slipping even more. Once the bar was installed it’s very simple and fairly nice to use. We placed the frames top tube on the left wheel and adjusted the frame as far right till the seat tube was also touching the left wheel. Then we released the QR that is on the right wheel and slid that wheel along the top tube till it intersected with the head tube. We closed the right wheels QR and strapped the frame down with the large rubber straps. Voila, that’s it and it works nearly the same on every bike we tried.


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