Video: Can Ride Comfort Be As Simple As A Seatpost Swap?

There have been many variations of the suspension seatpost throughout history but this one we found at Interbike is unique. The Kinekt post is the seat post that isolates the rider from the road’s imperfections with up to 35mm of travel. The system is very active and also very adjustable for a riders specific needs and style.

We first noticed it at the Interbike Cross Vegas race as one of the racers in the group seemed to float over the rough grass while everyone else was standing up or bouncing around. This caught our attention and watched as the racer stayed seated and his body seemed to float while the bike did all the movement. Later we caught up with the rider and got the rundown on the post. Her is a video explaining how the post works and how it benefits the rider.

For more info head to and try one out for yourself.


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