Video: Make Any Hitch Rack A Swing-away

Ever wish that you could access the rear compartment of your vehicle easier while the bike rack was loaded? Well, now it’s possible to make nearly any hitch mounted rack swing out of the way. While we were at Interbike the crew at Yakima showed us one of their newest items, a universal swing adapter called the Backswing. There are a few limitations like you need a 2” receiver and the total weight limit is 250 lbs. but overall it will allow any hitch rack to become a swing-away, not just a Yakima rack. At $299 the price is less expensive than a new rack and can give new life to an old rack that might not be working for your current vehicle or just the added benefit of swing-away to a rack that isn’t offered as one. The adapter will be available in April 2018 we are told, so head to for more info and to see the rest of their products.

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