Video: Peter Stetina Unveils Power Data on Strava

For all the data geeks

Following a pro cyclist on Strava is always fun but to see their power data is rare. As Peter points out in his latest Instagram story below, many followers can’t fathom the numbers produced and will point to some level of cheating. That’s why it is exciting that he has decided to give us more insight into his riding, following his ride today Peter will reveal his power numbers to the public.

Although officially retired, to put things into perspective, over 1015 hours  in 2019 Peter logged 19,813.5 mi with 1,494,452 ft of elevation gain on his Strava. With some simple math, that’s 381 miles per week with 28,740 ft of elevation with an average of 19.5 hours per week, or 19.5mph average for the year.

Earlier today he tweeted that he was going to “Ruin Gravel”, with a tentative race calendar. Be on the lookout, Stetina and his ever-growing 43 pages of Strava KOMs will be headed to a road near you.

Check out Pete’s Instagram to follow along: @pstetina

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