Video: Phil Gaimon’s New Cycling Rules

Gone with the Velominati and in with Phil's Philuminati

NEW Rules

  1. Ride safe and have fun.
  2. Wear whatever you want.
  3. Things don’t have to match.
  4. Grand Fondo’s are as competitive as you want but group rides are NOT A RACE, they are a workout.
  5. Pedestrians>Cyclists>Vehicles. Always respect and make room for vehicles but take the room you need to be safe. Always yield to a pedestrian.
  6. Wave to everyone riding, we are all in this together (commuters, E-bikes, kids, roadies, yard bars and even triathletes).
  7. Helmets are optional and a personal decision but on group rides they are mandatory.
  8. Strava is a social media platform, if you wanna race then go to a bike race.
  9. Don’t litter, carry it in then carry it out.
  10. Suffering is a choice not a rule, don’t judge.
  11. Don’t be a dick.

Remember, don’t be a dick.

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