Vittoria Launches Carbon Tubeless

Press Release

Living up to its innovative reputation, Vittoria delivers a range of carbon clincher options with features that would not be possible without the benefits of revolutionary material Graphene: Qurano 30C, 46C and 60C.

With its unrivaled heat dissipation and strength, the Qurano clincher range provides all of the performance benefits of Graphene-enhanced carbon, with the convenience of a clincher design.

Vittoria will deliver a range of Qurano Carbon Clincher wheels – Qurano 30C, 46C and 60C. The Qurano clinchers deliver up to 50 percent improvements to spoke-hole strength, material strength and impact strength. Incredibly, this new wheel range is extremely lightweight for its performance – 1410 grams for 30C, 1510 grams for 45C and 1570 grams for the 60C.

The application of Graphene in the braking surface of the rim makes excess heat build-up a phenomenon of the past. In combination with the greatly improved strength – when compared to similar full-carbon products without Graphene – these wheels set an entirely new bar for lightweight and durability.

Vittoria has taken the ISO standard (EN 4210) and the updated UCI regulation for non-standard wheels in 2016 as its guidelines for the specifications of the new Qurano carbon clincher range. This new Vittoria range has been extensively tested and its capabilities have been pushed beyond all the known requirements.

If anyone knows how rims and tires need to fit, it’s Vittoria. The tire-rim combination must be perfect for speed and performance. The tubeless-ready Speedlock design of the rim profile, in combination with Vittoria’s optimized design for tire beads, create a perfect match, and increased convenience when setting up tubeless-ready tires.

In September 2015, Vittoria launched the Graphene-enhanced tubeless-ready Corsa Speed tire. This new tire is entirely dedicated to being uncompromisingly fast, and Vittoria’s R&D has shown that this is accomplished with a tubeless setup. The Corsa Speed has the lowest rolling resistance ever measured, as independently measured by Wheel Energy, Finland. Of course the new Qurano carbon clincher range has been developed to also be a perfect match for such a tubeless setup, right out of the box.

The new wheels facilitate just about every scenario a rider can envision, trusting Vittoria to give them both light weight performance and durability without compromise.

All Qurano Clincher wheels are available for purchase now!

Come see Vittoria at Booth 100 at the Sea Otter Classic!!

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