Chris Froome calls into question whether time trial bikes belong in road cycling. Following rough, season-ending crashes from himself and most recently Egan Bernal, Froome makes a point that time trial bikes are inherently dangerous and there are few roads available to properly train with them. “In light of recent events, time trial bikes are not meant to be ridden on the roads the way we need to ride them to be ready for time trials…When you’re on the skis on your time trial bike, you’ve got no brakes right there, you need to actually sit up, it’s not really that safe. It’s one thing when racing and you’ve got closed roads and even then we can see some pretty horrendous accidents, but it’s completely another thing when you’re out on open roads, with traffic and people crossing the roads. So the question I’m trying to ask here is, is it really necessary to have time trial bikes in road cycling.”


Froome also comments on the “tricky” addition of gravel segments into stage races. Froome remains adamant that Strade Bianche and similar races are a positive for the sport but such segments pose too much of a risk for riders in multi-day races as it “leaves the rest of the race less exciting” if a crash was to occur.

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