Brixia is a new name with plenty of history

Project bikes are always fun to build, and this was an excellent opportunity to highlight Brixia, a brand that’s new to the game but has plenty of experience. Shimano Ultegra R8100 was featured on the build and as we would expect, rode fantastic, with the perfect balance of performance, weight and value. We think the Ultegra drivetrain meets top-tier expectations while delivering new semi-wireless benefits and convenience for the masses.

The Cidneo was hard to pry away from whoever was riding it and, if left unattended at the office, was quick to disappear. Our biggest regret was letting Brixia choose the paint scheme, especially since they offer some of the most extensive custom paint offerings we have seen, and all at no extra charge. All their bikes are painted in Italy, and if you want something special, you just need to wait the additional three to four weeks. While our test bike looks impressive in the right light and (for some) the black-on-black theme is still trending (not sure why), we would have loved to see a bit more color to highlight the quality and capability of their custom offering truly.

Ride quality and geometry were spot-on for those looking for a performance road bike. Make sure you check the geometry chart before you order, because we almost ordered a 54 (like we always do), which would have resulted in a fit that was much larger than a 54 you’d get from many other builders. Keep an eye out for Brixia; they are not just another Italian bike brand.


Price: $3495 frameset

Weight: 17.31 pounds

Sizes: 44, 47, 51 (tested), 54, 57cm



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