What Is The Ideal Tire Pressure?

Quarq takes tire pressure to an all new level

When we think of tire pressure almost everyone has that one pump they always use because they have come to trust it. Well, not all pump gauges are the same and Quarq looks to change the way we think of tire pressure with the Tyrewiz. The Tyrewiz is a valve extender with a digital gauge that transmits over ANT+, Bluetooth LE and nfc.


It’s simple, just remove the valve core of your tube or tubeless valve and thread in the Tyrewiz like any valve extender. The entire thing weighs only 10 grams or 11 grams with the valve core installed. Because of its low weight, it doesn’t affect the balance of a wheel.


We won’t lie at first we thought this was a bit stupid. Yes, we check our tire pressure at the start of a ride and then don’t think about it much. Then we started using it and the amount of insight it can deliver is amazing. For the road category, let’s be honest your tires deliver 80% of the compliance.  Yes, frames do a lot but 5 psi does much more. Now with the Tyrewiz you have a consistent gauge no matter if you are using a floor pump at the house or a hand pump on the side of the road.

We have noticed that we are able to use this to fine tune our pressure rather than waiting to try something different on the next ride. Sure it might be a luxury at $200 but this could be a very useful tool for those that like to control as much as they can. It connects directly to a head unit as well, for live readouts. The unit will deliver pressures from 0-150 psi in 1/10th increments. it uses a 1632 coin style battery and is said to get 300 hours of life. The unit turns on automatically when there is motion as well. 


  • 10 grams
  • $199 (set)
  • 0-150 psi
  • 300 hour battery life

For more info head to Quarq.com

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